I have always loved listening to music since I can remember, and have been surrounded by music my whole life having a father who studied it and played in bands, though I never had interest in playing or creating music myself until I was nearly sixteen. When I finally got the bug to learn electric guitar it immediately became the coolest, funnest, most intriguing and challenging thing I could think of doing with my time. I fell in love with the blues and the idea of being able to "shred" lead guitar, while at the same time, from the moment I first started learning actually, I began writing songs (my first song consisted entirely of single notes on the low E string and was about how Judge Ito was actually the one who killed Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. Gold I tell you!!). I was obsessed with The Beatles back then to a degree one could easily call ridiculous, thus songwriting quickly became my other favorite thing to do, and it still is more than anything else.

A few months into learning guitar I joined my first band, ultimately being named jack the original, which lasted for over ten years. At first it was just something to do with my best friends for fun, but by the time I was finishing my third year of college I was faced with the stark realization that I didn't really care about anything other than my music and my band. Yikes! I believed wholeheartedly in our potential, and I decided that even if a music career never came to be I couldn't live a happy life knowing that I never really gave my dreams a shot with all of my focus. It was then I decided to stop going to school and to focus solely on the band, which was a hard decision to come to. Luckily I have never looked back since, and though jack the original didn't work out my journey has continued, and my passion and drive for creating and playing music has evolved beyond my wildest imagination.

Although I loved my indie rock band, jack the original, at times it didn't feel like it was enough of a creative outlet for me. Right before I stopped going to school I was taking recording classes and MIDI classes at Mira Costa College. Both set the stage for me to become the engineer and producer that I am now, but the MIDI class especially blew my mind as it was basically a class where I discovered how to make beats on a computer with a program called Digital Performer. My first love of music growing up was hip-hop so I began fooling around with hip-hop beats in the class. It wasn't long before I got Digital Performer for my computer at home, and while I was in my band I also began making my own albums. I actually ended up switching from Digital Performer to Pro Tools and a program called Reason, and through learning Reason I created a very eclectic solo album under my "Chavez" moniker, and also created a hip-hop album with my brother and a bunch of friends that we called Beatniks. I was beginning to fall in love with production, mixing, and making beats, though I didn't quite realize what I was setting myself up for at the time.

As jack the original was nearing the end of it's run I was slowly gaining a great appreciation and love for electronic music, and began experimenting with making different types of electronica inspired mainly by Moby and The Chemical Brothers. By the time my band ended I was deep enough into music production and recording at home that rather than give up and call it quits with my attempt at making a career out of music, which part of me considered doing, I decided to switch gears, reinvent myself, and just do it on my own. I had this grand idea of me creating and performing a huge, elaborate show all by myself, and when I spoke with a friend of mine who is a professional and very knowledgeable drummer, producer, and engineer, he told me that there was a program out there capable of doing what I was envisioning called Ableton Live. He showed me the Ableton website and we spoke about it for quite awhile; I remember leaving his house so pumped off of this new information and this "magic" program that could actually do everything I was imagining in my head! I bought Ableton Live and it changed my life forever in the most incredible ways.

I got Ableton Live and began teaching myself how to use it nearly ten years ago, and since that time I have started five musical projects of my own, produced and recorded albums for six different artists, gotten way better at recording, mixing, and producing, have invested into upgrading the gear in my home studio to a very professional level I used to only dream about having, have began DJ'ing, and have discovered and honed the art of remixing.  I am grateful to have one of my past projects, Inspired Flight, which was almost entirely based around Ableton Live, actually get momentum and buzz, and lead to me working with acclaimed artists and people I listen to and greatly admire, as well as play awesome music festivals and open for amazing artists I have looked up to for years. I am grateful to have put in enough work with enough collaborative projects over the years to finally have the confidence and freedom to be a solo artist as 9 Theory for the first time in my career.  I am grateful to have very talented artists now asking me to record and produce their albums, or to do remixes for them, or to write and sing on their songs on their own albums. I am grateful to still be making music twenty years after struggling with my first guitar chords, and to have my understanding and love of music theory and song creation continue to grow and be inspiring. I am grateful that I have over twenty years of experience playing all sorts of live shows in front of live audiences, and getting comfortable with that in a way one only can from experience. I am grateful to have no plan B! If you have ever listened to my music or supported it in anyway I thank you so much. If you have ever shared my music I thank you even more. And if you actually read this whole thing I thank you the most! Not really, but...you know...